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Wagner oil reservoirs- cap removal help

John Landstrom

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Have a Wagner 82602 16” desk fan.   
Am working on the resto but am having a bit of trouble getting the covers for the oil reservoirs out.   The fan doesn’t have the screw in oil cups like I’m used to.  The oil ports are cast into the front and back motor housing ends.  The only access seems to be what I’ll call a cap where you drip oil into.  There seems to be a wick type material inside but no means to access the area to replace it.  (And I want to)

Only thing I can figure is that the “caps” are pushed into the opening to “seal” the top, but the cap has a hole to add oil.  It doesn’t appear threaded as there’s no slot for a screwdriver to unscrew it.  I’ve tried bending a piece of rod, inserting it into the hole, and trying to pull the “cap” out without success.  Didn’t want to damage it.  

See pics.  Any help appreciated.  

PS - pardon the dog hair.  They keep trying to help but just get in the way…..or into the trash can for anything edible (or not).  





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I had a Westinghouse that had the same.Those caps pop off.Get something with a bend ,.go through the oil hole and pull up.I used a dental pick.I assume they are the same.



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I’ll try again now knowing they just push in.   

Thanks !  It’ll give me a chance to use my set of those I have somewhere in the shop.   The search begins…..

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my dental tools were cheap and bent easily.  Knowing now what they were and how they were installed/uninstalled I went back to my original 1/16” rod and refined the bend.  Had to grasp it with channel locks and use a small hammer to tap them out but VOILA ! they popped out after multiple times rapping on the channel locks with the bent rod hooked in the hole.   

Thanks again for the info.   Now, on to the multitude of other challenges on this fan.   

Still trying to find a 16” blade for it.  (Really anyone that fits a 3/8” rotor shaft will do)  No one here has perked up with one so I’m checking “steal-Bay” again today. 

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