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Emerson Toilet Paper Gaskets

Nicholas Denney

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NO ill will intended towards Emerson! Just a convenient source for unprinted gasket material that EVERYONE has!

You will need to cut the gasket ID to the OD of the rotor threads. The blade hub end can simply be wiped with oil and then pressed and turned to transfer the pattern.




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They used to be cheaper and came in packs of 50 back in 2015 when I ordered them. They fit perfect, just twice as thick. I simply carefully cut them in half with a one sided razor. Then you have two. 🙂


unnamed (7).png

unnamed (8).png

unnamed (9).png

unnamed (10).png

unnamed (11).png

unnamed (12).png

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The McMaster ones work perfectly. Just need to shave them like Russ said.  

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