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SG - An Interesting European Fan

Terry Fisher

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I know a lot of AFCA members are not very interested in European fans. But some of the fans made in Europe are unique and worth collecting.

What is interesting about this fan?. . . . it has two motors. One motor oscillates the fan and the other motor turns the blade.  So the oscillation works independently from the blade and the fan is in a stationery  function when the oscillator motor is turned off.  Although the motor is 50 cycles it runs fine on 60 cycles.   

Also, with two motors the  fan will oscillate without the blade turning which looks kind of unusual.  The oscillating arc is changed simply by grasping the base and turning it to the desired arc. Notice that the pivot point allows this fan to be wall mounted. 

In addition . . . . unlike that old rusted Westinghouse below . . . . this fan will not RUST.😜

San Giorgio front.jpg

San Giorgio side.jpg

San Giorgio back.jpg

San Giorgio info. Tags.jpg

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Saw an amazing San Giorgio Zodiac pedestal fan when I was in Spain.  Seriously thought about bringing it back, but it would have been about $3k with packing and shipping.  It was a neat mint green color and had a 360degree oscillator. It had a chrome, globe-shaped cage. 

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3 hours ago, Lane Shirey said:

...amazing San Giorgio Zodiac pedestal...

Hi, Lane.

There's a tabletop version
of the Zodiaco that's just
as cool,...   IMO.


I have neither. pacifier.gif.d063a2bdfbf9c8829d815d3563a9e244.gif

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Cool fans ... The dual-motor SG came with brass or chrome. I assume brass pre-dates chrome ... but that is an educated guess.

I never figured out the wiring schematic above (it's on the baseplate's inner side), but eventually correctly wired an SG after looking at a second SG.


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6 hours ago, Terry Fisher said:

Those are cool looking fans.



San Giorgio side 2.jpg

Yep, that’s it, except the one I mentioned was mint green. 

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