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GE Motor Question?

Kyle Shelstad

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A friend of mine just replaced a head wire on this fan of his, when it is off everything turns freely, but when powered on it locks up tight like an electromagnet.




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The motor housing is not together properly in the picture of it laying on the bench.   You can see it in the picture.    The left side has a gap.   This is causing a misalignment of the shaft and the bearing.  


I use a plastic hammer to tap on the housing to get it to "pop" in.   


Hope that helps.

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Good call Anthony, also when tightening up the bolts, loosely tighten one, skip one. Do the same to the next one & so on, this will help put the cover back on evenly. Another thing is fix that cage-- the 5 bars should be straight across !! Great fan I might have an extra grille badge if

yours is missing


Edited by Lawrence Smith
add photo for reference
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