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Weird Direct drive "Marble" ceiling fan

Bejon A. Boranian

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Weird eh?

It had the box, but it got destroyed during our monsoon season...

I saved the motor, (The (5) blades are in storage, they are green "Marble" as well...)

It even has a rubber flywheel! 😎

Made in America 🇺🇸

Requires a certain switch to run it (don't have)

and it is equipped with the "Ultimate system"... (probably means variable speed)


(Tag on back reads:

"Trade winds, 120 VAC, 60HZ, 1.0 Amps, 100 Watts, Model GXL, DOB 03926057")













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That's bound to be interesting looking with green marble blades.

As for the "Ultimate System" that would worry me!  I've learned the hard way that anything more or less modern, with the words "ultimate" "best" "super" or "smart" in the name; rarely ever lives up to the name. 

If I couldn't get the special proprietary control head for The Ultimate System; I would strip all that out and go with a standard single-speed motor with variable speed wall control. 

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This fan, per some research, might be from the early 1990's...

As for the "Ultimate System" its equipped with,

after viewing some videos on YT, I've confirmed it was actually

marketed as the "Ultra System" which (at the time) was highly state of the art.

(Info source: video catalogs on YT)


..As for full assembly,

you can see the "Red Marble" 4-Blade version in action.

(Just search "Tradewinds classic ceiling fan" on YT... its just like mine but Red & 1 less blade.

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Basically the "ultimate system" was more or less a "remote control" (via the wiring in the wall) that can control the fan speed variably or by the regular H,M,L and Off settings, and also controls the lights, with either a dimmer or an "on, off" function. I imagine that thing puts out a ton of RFI/EFI noise on the AC Line which would make for horrible AM Radio Listening if you are someone who collects and restores antique radios... 🤔

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Never heard of that system. Looks like it was meant to be a competitor to Casablanca's Inteli-touch system. I wish you had the control, this is a nice looking fan! Very 90s looking.

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