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Paint matching

Arjun Saini

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Hello. Does anyone know where I can find the original color in a paint can for this mist grey vortalex. B9962908-20C9-45C5-B74F-C93CB46E4538.thumb.jpeg.ac5c81af6a16e6dee295ab5bd6fc2202.jpeg2B79F3F1-EF3C-4351-A77E-594CAFA9E7B4.thumb.jpeg.ea1daa1343bde26b3cd87def0cbc3733.jpeg

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call around your automotive parts stores, locally I can have the main o'reilly's store  match & put paint in a rattle can. I had french gray matched--   The cage/blade & mot of the motor housing are original, the base & the rest is matched-- it's not perfect but once I finish polish this I don't think anyone but me will know.


french grey.jpg5.jpg

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8 hours ago, Patrick Ray said:

Try a Sherwin Williams automotive store

That I’ve never heard of or seen. I only have the regular sherwin willams store 

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