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1902 Emerson 910 restoration

David Kilnapp

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Good morning friends. I recently acquired four new fans. Today, I completed the restoration of one of the four which is an Emerson 910. It was working when I acquired it though the bakelite cover to the switch was missing (taped), the grommets in the base were missing and the headwire was replaced with modern rubber wire. Also the centrifugal start was not working properly. Below are pictures of it before I started the restoration. Upon closer inspection, one of the brass centrifugal start plates was bent and the some of the washers holding it in place were missing. Below you can see it after I repaired it. The japanne on the head case is original with some minor paint loss which I was able to clean with some solvents and polish. Rick Powell was kind enough to re-japanne the base. The head wire is Tony Clayton wire and Darryl Hudson supplied the bakelite tip for the porcelain switch as well as the base grommets and the rubber feet.  And of course, Ron Bethoney at NE Brass for his marvelous brass work. I just spoke to him. He's home from the hospital and doing well. Thank God for his mercy and healing. Thank you for all of your prayers and well wishes!!

Here is a video of it operating as it should









Here it is all restored.










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Thanks Patrick. It was pretty grimy when I got it but I was glad to get it. It's the earliest Emerson that I have in my collection. I would love to find an Emerson Trojan but those are rare.


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Yes Rick Powell japanned the base. The head case is still original Japanne. Next up is a Lake breeze that I picked up with this Emerson 910. Just finished that.

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