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825 Pictures of antique fans

David A Cherry

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  • David A Cherry changed the title to 825 Pictures of antique fans

it looks like most of those pictures are from the old AFCA Forum? Is the David Allen that is named on the bottom of a bunch of those pictures you Mr. Cherry or is it the David Allen who is one of our resident Big Fan experts? 

Also David, I've been meaning to ask you this, but did you ever pastor at a Grace Brethren Church in Elkhart, Indiana over 20 years ago? I'm asking because I know that the pastor that was there at the time had the last name of Cherry (not sure what his first name was) and I know the last name Cherry is not a very common last name, or if not are you related to someone who might have pastored at the aforementioned church?

Just asking out of curiosity because like I said the last name Cherry isn't very common, which is why when I saw your name on here I thought I would ask. 

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A few years back..I lose track of time I decided to collect fan pictures, so I did this slowly but surely until I discovered Pinterest. I’ve taken pictures everywhere I can all of them off the Internet, I even got thrown off of Pinterest for using pictures without the owners permission.. anyway I have over 825 of them now,, A lot of the ones on top are from my collection.. I didn’t want to use my real last name Cherry,so I used Allen my middle name instead.. At the time I wasn’t thinking that this could be confusing to others.. It was just a safety thing not using my last name.. I tried allowing others to also post pictures on the site but this turned out to be problematic so I had to go it alone.. The last name cherry is quite rare so I can see you thinking that I might be related to a preacher in someway.. There is a book written titled the preacher that had 10 kids and it is written by the youngest daughter of the preacher.. in the book she tells the story about the 10 children that all became very successful.. Two of which you may know ..Western Kentucky University was founded by Henry hardin cherry, One of the preachers sons, Another one found Humana Insurance.. It’s an interesting book... at least to me because of my last name..  sorry for not replying I seem to post things and then I forget about them so it’s not that I am ignoring you it’s just so I don’t keep up like I should..

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