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Sidewinder speed coil question

Mike Morris

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I just got an early Pittsburg no "H" sidewinder., appears to be brass plated under paint.

I have seen a post where a gentleman added a second coil to make his fan a true 3 speed. Would it be possible to rewind the single coil into a two speed coil and essentially "double" wind it to include a center tap? I am not counting on being able to find a second coil and I would have to drill and tap the base to mount it.

I have seen where it is 191 turns for a single speed, have not found resistance value for that coil yet, still looking.

Thanks MIke

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Mike, you're talking about the ceiling fan, right?

Speaking of the Westinghouse sidewinder desk fan, is it just a GE sidewinder badged (and caged) for Westinghouse?

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Yes, ceiling fan, I wish I owned  sidewinder 6 blade. I should have been more specific about type. Still not used to forum having separate area for ceiling fans.

Any info appreciated.


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Oh, I should have noticed you posted it in the ceiling fan category.

I'd think you should be able to rewind it double the length and add the center tap for 3 speeds, except that it probably wouldn't fit in the speed coil laminations. Maybe you could used thinner gauge wire, and shorten the length a lot and it would work, but you'd have to figure out what gauge and what length. Also make sure you can put in a three speed switch before you get into rewinding the speed coil. If you start messing with the wire gauge and length, just make sure your ohms are good, your speed coil isn't getting too hot, and your fan is drawing normal amps and not doing anything weird.

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I have seen a sidewinder that had an original 3-wire speed coil. 

I recommend using a KB 5-amp wall speed control and setting the fan on high. This lets you slow the fan way down. 

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