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Emerson Fern leaf ceiling fans - restoration help

Jim Dixon

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I recently acquired a number of antique fans, two of which are Emerson fern leaf ceiling fans... I am handy capable, and have done some rewiring work on antique table lamps, but antique fans are a new one for me.  Are there any good reference books / forum articles to help me get my head around what would be required in the restoration process?  I have the original blades for the fans, but the wood portion can not be restored/salvageable.  I kind of had an idea to reach out to a friend of mine who is an artisan with a CNC and have blades made out of black walnut to replicate the fern leaf pattern.  Though not entirely sure that is a good idea, any suggestions for the fan blades (the hardware is all there)?  Oh and finally, what would these be worth restored - if they are valuable should I seek out a professional to restore them and what would that run me?

Thanks in advance for any/all insight!

antique emerson ceiling fans 1.jpg

antique emerson ceiling fans 4.jpg

antique emerson ceiling fans 3.jpg

antique emerson ceiling fans 2.jpg

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These are good fans.  Blades do come up on eBay occasionally.  Your main problem is the broken switches.  These are nearly impossible to find and expensive if the seller knows what he has.  There are (or should be) speed coils in the ball above the switches.

Emerson 32641 completed (3).JPG

Emerson 32641 done (1).JPG

Emerson 32641 done (3).JPG

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If I'm not mistaken, you'll want to go with a lighter wood for the blades - something like basswood rather than a heavy walnut. I'm not a ceiling fan guy like Tom or some of the other guys so they can give you confirmation one way or the other on what you'll want to use if reproducing the blades. Good luck with it! 

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I just acquired a hunter ceiling fan whit broken blades and I replaced them with genuine mahogany and it seems to be working fine didn’t even have to balance them. 

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23 hours ago, Steve Cunningham said:

It’s hard to read the tag. I think I see 220V. Then 50 cycles.

It should be 115V 60 cycle. And I believe 220 rpm and 150 watts. 


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