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Robbins & Myers 5104 single speed non-oscillating

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So I've been working on this old R&M fan and although it had almost no wire to tap in to coming off of the windings I did have just enough of one side to solder a wire to....the other side had enough and wasn't a problem. The head is getting pretty warm when I fire it up so I'm curious if that's due to the lack of good wires that I tapped in to or could it be the "slack" in between the stator and the motor.....there's every bit of a 32nd to a 16th of an inch gap.......the stator spins really good but other motors I've rewired do not have that much slack. Also, the upper part of the fan when sliding it into the base has a lot of wobble to it and I can't tighten the wing nut up any further than it is now. Are there washers that go into the gap where the upper fits into the lower section? Thanks in advance y'all

Fan 1.msg Fan 2.msg

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