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1942 Emerson 87641-AL Reversible Roundnose Progress

Derek Warnecke

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I wanted to highlight an in-progress restoration of an electrically-reversible 1942 Emerson 87641-AL "Roundnose" ceiling fan. The amount of labor involved in hand-winding a reversible shaded pole motor is considerable, especially for a 28-pole motor, and I can't help but admire what I see as I disassemble the motor housing for restoration. Each motor pole has a pair of wound shading coils. Each CW and CCW set is connected in series and shorted via a SPDT toggle to short either the CW or CCW set to bias the motor to run either direction.
The rotor is a real tour-de-force of casting and machining expertise. There is an inner shaft with oil grooves machined for CW rotation and an outer shaft machined for CCW rotation with a corresponding sleeve on the stator side. Very cool!









Screenshot 2023-02-18 at 7.27.34 PM.png

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All finished and running great in both directions!  Very little vibration from the motor.





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All finished! It looks great, and runs like a top. I strobed out the speeds at 207/155/123 RPM. A nice factory spread for an antique.

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On 4/9/2023 at 8:09 PM, Patrick Ray said:

Very nice Derek! Runs so smooth!

Thank you!  This model has blade pitch for days and really moves a great amount of air, even on Low speed.  Really glad to be able to "rescue" this fan from eBay and give it a proper restoration.  I hope to do the same to a late '30s 87641-AK PSC reversible Roundnose that I won the high bid on yesterday.

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