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Vornado 18C1 - How to take apart?

Craig Snyder

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After restoring a Vornado B24 I am attempting to work on this original Vornado Jr. - Model B 18C1-4 that was also in my late Mother-in-Law's house. 

I cannot figure out how to separate the housing around the motor to get at the motor and clean out the oil pads and funnels etc.  It works although it needs a new cord, which also requires taking it apart.  There are apparent rivets around the rear cover section and some bent over tabs.  Does anyone know how to separate the housing? 

I searched this forum but could not find any information. Thanks!

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I chiseled off the rivets around the motor housing to separate it.  Then it came apart with a little help.  I am in the process of cleaning, re-oiling and painting it.  I hope it works again when done.  The fabric wires coming out of the motor had worn insulation although the other wires are okay except the plug in cord.  I stuffed some electrical tape in and around them. 

I need to figure out what to use to replace the 4 rivets or if they are needed as there are 2 long screws that connect both halves.

Maybe if I can find really short tiny machine screws.  The rivets go right into the motor housing and I think there is about 1/4 inch safe clearance based on checking the depth with a paper clip.  I am open to other suggestions. 

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