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Peerless bipolar age

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4 minutes ago, Michael McMenamin said:

Thanks for the info. I was hoping that the serial number would pinpoint the date. Some companies kept records of serial number ranges and their date of production. May not have happened that long ago. Thanks again.


1899-01 is a rather narrow window, Ya think? Warren Electric & Specialty Co. was established in 1892. Their first marketed fan motors were in 1899. In 1902 no more Warren Electric & Specialty fan motors. They were then known as Peerless or Colonial fan motors. If you want yours to be made on lets say........June 2, 1899 at 3:01 PM, fine with me.

This catalogue dates 1900.

Peerless direct current desk and ceiling fan motors. : Vallee Bros. Electrical Company : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

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16 minutes ago, Michael McMenamin said:

Yes it was because I listed it as an oscillator which I have learned it is not. I decided I would rather bring it back to working order and learn as much as I can about antique fans. I am enjoying the process.

"IF" you're going to sell it, being you listed once and pulled it, I strongly suggest if you list again, just put it out there and let the auction take its course. The people that will pursue it don't need education on it. Trust me. Just some friendly advice. I myself collect United Electric Mfg. Co. fans. They rock!




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2 minutes ago, Michael McMenamin said:

Thanks Russ. I don't plan to sell it anytime in the near future. I would like to bring it back to life and enjoy it. Having retired last year it will keep me busy for awhile. Thanks again. 

Just a wise heads up if you do list it again, I need another fan like a hole in my head. Have fun with it. 

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19 minutes ago, Michael McMenamin said:

Thanks Russ for the "This is his model" photo. Now I know what type cage I have to find. Doesn't look like it had a badge on the cage.

It dates 1901. The fan Chris posted is the earlier model. They improved the brushes in 01. It is known as the type A. The guard and guard supports were improved as well in 01 for that model. 

Finding that guard would be like looking for hens' teeth. Having one made would be the route to go. Enjoy your toy.

content (1).v1 (12).jpg

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Thanks Russ for cementing the 1901 date. My blades are each secured with three rivets like the photo and nothing covering the front hub on the blade shaft. That guard does look stronger than the one in Chris' photo. Fabricating a guard makes more sense than going on an impossible search. Thanks so much for all your advice.

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