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AEG quiet blade?

Alex Koh

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While there are similarities between the companies , AEG was not a subsidiary or in any way a branch of GE.

When it was founded in Berlin by Emil Rathenau in 1883 it was called Deutsche Edison Gesellschaft - since they were producing lamps and bulbs under license from Edison, in 1887 they changed the name to Allgemeine Elektricitäts Gesellschaft AEG.

In the early electrical years many European companies looked to and cooperated with American companies - therefore we see sometimes similar products or names.

Like AEG , the Britisch General Electric Company GEC was founded as an independent company- unrelated to the American GE.

The Italian CGE , however, was founded in 1921 and owned and managed by GE


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In my quest to find out more information about these I cam across what seems like a ventilating version of this. 2.thumb.jpg.db72c2c184123824e02c660debb2fa0e.jpg3.thumb.jpg.ad4d52b3d1399eee4ea274e7b8907413.jpg4.thumb.jpg.ca9dfa4119a3453e94abd477af8028fe.jpg5.thumb.jpg.d1a06a441b7fdbcc13eaf3e369572db4.jpg6.thumb.jpg.c37c1c8dd3af792ef7bc805fdff42a36.jpg7.jpg.691427ac12ba56b4861e07f6ad7faef9.jpg8.jpg.cb067dfa1b26aa6ba41df62a68210c40.jpg9.jpg.1f932f245490d8315582d6f6ce769d62.jpg10.thumb.jpg.48ea31930526c049229fd6d5e374c850.jpg

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