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GE All Brass Oscillator

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A few years ago, I used to work on fans for a gentleman. He would usually come by every month or so with a fan he had found and it needed a little work like Head Wires, new grease in Oscillator, etc. Anyway, one day he shows up with a couple of fans he had found and wanted fixed up. Along with the fans he had a box and he told me I could have it but, he explained, it's just a fan in pieces. When he left I opened the box and found this all brass GE Oscillator. The only things wrong were it had a small chip out of the Oscillator Housing and it was missing 2 Cage Struts. Since the Rear Housing was Pot Metal I assumed I could just swap it out but quickly found out a regular Rear Housing wouldn't fit so I ended up repairing it with JB Weld. In the meantime, he found the 2 Struts in his barn so I had a complete fan. I put it together and the pictures show the results. I did paint the Rear Housing rather than leave bare. I had to balance the Blade and polish it up but that was all.

The fan is a 3 speed and you can tell the 3 speeds although there isn't a lot of difference between the speeds.  As you can see the Oscillator is a continuous type. Some pictures below, although they are not the best. 



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8 hours ago, Russ Huber said:

Nice John, curious about the paint (or is it brass/bronze?) you used on the motor retaining ring and linkage? Did you clear coat it as well?


The Ring or Loop is Brass / Bronze. No clear coat, only wax and in the house on a shelf away from sun light.


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