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12” Jandus

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Just acquired the Jandus 12” stationary fan. To start with what kind of rubber feet does it take and where would you find them? Also it is missing the rear bearing cap, who my have one or be able to make one.




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4 hours ago, Mark Behrend said:

I haven’t put the strip on my base yet but I was thinking 100% clear silicone would hold it.

I talked to Jim Humphrey today on the phone. I, like you, have not inserted the silicon rubber strip into the base yet.  Jim did use Vic's method successfully.  He stated he used epoxy glue within the grove equally spacing applications of the epoxy. In a nutshell, it can be held in with the right glue. 

FWIW....I don't like the color of the silicon strip, so I tried going over it with a black Sharpy. It is not perfect, but it darkens it up.

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