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1930's ish Westy fan- help sought (reposting from another request I lost)

Zach Kaplan

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Hello all!

I am new here but have been working on restoring old fans for last few years. Recently finished a nice Diehl.

Now I am working on a Westinghouse 3-speed Serial LG-922252. Im getting started on the restoration now but need some help/guidance:

1. Does anyone know the date and details of this one (see picture below)

2. How do I remove the bolt that is holding the base on? Anyone restore one of these and have any tips?

3. trying to determine how to fix the resisting wires wrapped around the inside of the base? I have never had to deal with this before. Any suggestions? I think I need to rewind the burnt out Nicrome speed coil. How do I do that or anyone have recommendations of who can?

All help highly appreciated!!!




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