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Weird motor sound S-23

Greg Calmly

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Hello all! I have a new S-23 in my collection. Its from 1971 and has the early square stator mcmillan. (heres a video)


After awhile of running (like 15 minutes or so) the sound fades away.

NOTE: Upon arrival, when I oiled the motor around 10 seconds later, black oil sifted its way out of the motor. It appears to me its factory oil that dried up.

I noticed there is a thrust washer issue hence the weird knocking sound.

I have since, fixed the thrust washer issue, and the sound has gone quieter. I noticed light scoring on the shaft when doing the motor work today. Could be bad bearings.

The motor was also cleaned until it was bone dry of oil. It was then oiled with the typical 3 in 1 and seemed fine. Later, when I went to test run it, the black oil rushed out everywhere.

I dont know how or have ever replaced bearings before, let alone where to find them. So I'm avoiding that option at all cost. 

Please help any advice is greatly appreciated. ❤️







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