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Diehl Just Sold at Auction

Jim Kovar

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This Diehl just sold at an
online auction.

I hope an AFCA'er got 'er!






Ouch!  Pissed.gif.2837b9be82932154d48b1d6521f5143d.gif


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56 minutes ago, Jim Kovar said:


Ouch!  Pissed.gif.2837b9be82932154d48b1d6521f5143d.gif


Not the end of the world surely. Would be nice had it been there thought.

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I hope so too! I'm *almost* lol, as I was watching this and forgot all about it. And it was at a house I deal with! What a bum deal. 😬 Maybe I'll blame the concussion 🤷🏼‍♂️
Still, not the 'best' Diehl, at almost $1000 with shipping!

And I already have a spare switch! I have the 'next version on this fan, which is smooth-based. Well, maybe a few models later, as it's AC.... As this is a DC fan!

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Posted (edited)



Dining Car Fans.jpg

Close Up.jpg

US1115147-0 (1).png

Was posted by Chuck Abernathy on old website

Diehl Ornate RR 2 side1.JPG


Diehl ornate RR fan no 1 badge.JPG


Diner1914Pullman.v1 (1).jpg

Edited by Russ Huber
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