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New Original Hunter mounting options and reviews

Chris Jacobsen

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Parents purchased a brand new Original Hunter fan, not my choice but they like new things.  The new fan came with two mounting kits!  I thought that was fairly awesome and scored an extra kit!  They wanted it to have remote control and bought the wireless kit for the Original Hunter.

As we all know the Original Hunter wireless kit COMES WITH a special canopy.  So basically we have three canopy options to choose from.  Attached are pictures of these

Note that the wireless kit canopy is very long measuring about 140mm long, 153mm wide.  The remote unit plops into the canopy, little sloppy IMHO...

The new style ball hanger and canopy provided with the fan measures about 165mm wide, 57mm high

The old style hook and bumper measures in at about 84mm long and 140mm wide.

I noticed the remote control sender from the wireless kit FITS INTO the ball stlye hanger!  It fits nicely and precisely, (I like that) so you have an option of using the long canopy or the newer low profile one.  We decided on the low profile precise fit.

The old hook and bumper mount will be kept for my 1919 Emerson =).

Pictures are included for educational purposes.  Personally I think the remote canopy kit is a waste, may as well just get a remote and receiver, mount the new receiver in the new canopy.


Hope this helps future installers!







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3 hours ago, Andrew Block said:

I wouldn't use that ball and socket one on a older fan.

I don't think those remotes work for the shaded pole models, just the PSC.

I am still debating on the mounting, the Hunter manual outlines driving two large bolts into a stud, installed that and I could literally support my weight from the mount.  OEM Original hunter mount, not the newer style lighter motor mount.  The hook and loop style seems just about as strong but it mounts to the junction box...  not real hot of that idea.  Gotta say though that the ball style was thought out, not some chump stuff.


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