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GE Ceiling fan

Anthony Lindsey

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This doesn't look like a normal GE ceiling fan.   If it hung from the ceiling the blades would be on the top.  Was this mounted on a pole?

GE Ceiling Fan 1.jpg

GE Ceiling fan 2.jpg

GE Ceiling fan 3.jpg

GE Ceiling fan tag.jpg

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It's a GE top-mount.  It's hung from the ceiling normally and the blades attach to the top.

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Yea there is a youtube video on this one.  Supposedly it was to help save space being a ceiling hugger.  Pole sorta defeats that.

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What Derek said, GE top-mount. I think they're circa 1947 if memory serves.

Four blade examples were most common, but Nick Denney has showed us a 6-blade example. Neat fans, the bearings can kinda growl on them, mine not silent runners. Something else of interest, the foot of the blade bracket affixed to the rotor was an angled flat piece of thick steel formed into a shallow V that allowed you to mechanically switch the blades for either an up or down draft. Not exactly convenient to switch them, but nice that they were made with the option to do so.

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