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The badge on my Electrex-in-progress is too rusted to read. If someone has one with a similar badge as the one in the photo, could they take a high-res photo so we can make a new decal?

Hannah Dannehy

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This is not my picture, it's a random one from Ebay. The badge on mine is so rusted you can only tell it has lettering if you hold it at just the right angle. We were thinking we might make an svg file from a high-res photo and re-decal the badge instead of repainting it blank.


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This one isn't so good either but better. When doing an image search with most search engines put a + sign in front of it. (+electrex fan). It helps filter out a lot of bad hits and noise. My electrex is the brown rexall x351(?). Badge is also not great. 


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