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Think I scored amazingly valuable fans !!

John Landstrom

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Just happened to find these two gems at an antique store yesterday.

I’ve been trying to find info on them but can’t find much of anything; either online or here on this site.

So, the only reason must be that they’re extremely rare and worth a mint ! !


First is a Diehl 10” table fan model number G 10 AJ17.  Sweet little thing that runs but could use some work and paint.

Second is a Signal Cool Spot model number 562.   Runs great.  Can’t find one online or here so it’s just gotta be rare !


I’m gonna get these fixed up in their Sunday best and put ‘em on $bay and see if I can buy that new car I’ve been dreaming of.

Ya’ll just have to see these two gems ! !



Seriously, if anyone has info on these, or pics of originals I’d appreciate you sharing with me here.






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Think I have seen the Diehl on Ebay before.  Painfully bent blades but should fix nicely.  The green blobbed coolspot though...  well can always soak it in gasoline or acetone to get that off.

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