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Victor 3-speed Breeze Spreader

Rob Lawson

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Hello Fellow Fan-atics,

I am just learning about fans and would appreciate some guidance on rewiring a Victor 3-speed Breeze Spreader.

Looks like the wiring from the head goes through the same opening at the base that the power cord uses.

I have rewired the head, but I would like some advice on connecting to the 3-way mechanism.

Photos next, but I need help on how to send them from my laptop.

Thank you,

Rob Lawson, New Member


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On stamped steel base, the head wire just drops in at the top under the motor. Not sure about the cast base. Any schematic for a three speed shaded pole motor will give you an understanding of how the wires are attached to the switch. An ohmmeter will come in handy here.



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Thank you, Bill.

I have the fan working now, but it won't oscillate.

Seems like the gear box has issues.

Is there someone on this form from whom that I might purchase a new gear box?






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I have the same fan. One of the gears might be chewed up. Pull and take a look. those can be reproduced if none available from a donor box. Korey Kreitman made one for me. Perfect fit. 


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Thank you, Dave, for the advice.

I took a look at your post from last year.

Question about the gear that you needed to replace. (I believe you have it circled in red in one of the first images.)

When the gear box is functioning, is that gear supposed to slide freely on its shaft?

Mine does, which makes no sense to me.

Do you have a final photo showing the proper gear assembly?

Appreciate your input,


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