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Steve Sherwood

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Turned out pretty good. Had issues with rotor making a loud thumping noise, so I replaced it with a 77646 rotor. Runs smooth now. I had some white paint so I painted it white with blue felt to match the badge.




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Looks great Steve.   Like the blue touch.   

Got a 79646 AP-G from a member here.  Did mine in almond.  Like you, just something I had hanging around the paint cabinet.  Wife liked the color so “decision” made.  

Lighting in the garage is poor.  It’s not as yellow as it looks in most of the photos.  The speed numbers is just about right.  

if I keep acquiring more “items” to feed my growing addiction I’ll have to invest in a photo shoot setup.





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For photo shoots, an inexpensive way is to buy a white trifold foam board like the kids use for science fairs, with a white poster board to set the fan on.  Some good lighting and you’re ready to go. I have a round piece of black felt that I use on top of the poster board so the rubber feet don’t make it dirty. 

You can brighten and tweak the photos using your phone apps. They will look almost professional.  All for about 15 bucks. 

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$15 bucks ??   OMG how will I ever afford that ??

Thanks for the good tips Lane.   Will be shopping for that this weekend.   
Today I’m helping entertain the Mother-In-Law.    😵💫

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Try your local craft store. They’re usually near the foam board. 

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I just can't believe how long that power cord is on Steve Sherwood's restored fan!....😇

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