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A Century CF I've Never Seen

Jim Kovar

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Jandus made a lame attempt starting in the 06 season to place a self-starting brushless (low maintenance) AC induction fan motor on their gyro with weak starting shaded pole motors. 09 season changed that for the Jandus gyro with the AC snappy start centrifugal switch BMY motors. 


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Stowe, Bernard A.
US Army – 1st Lieutenant
Motor Transport Corps – Repair Unit 304


b 7-8-1870          1-9-1949
  Hartford MI     Cleveland OH
Buried at
Lakewood Cemetery
Cleveland Hts OH

In Service
10-10-1918 to 4-20-1919

Served at
Ft. Sam Houston, TX

From Hartford
HHS Class of 1888

Resided in Hartford 1870 – ?

Photo taken in 1918 at a farm in Alamo Heights San Antonio TX with a Mr. Thompson

Bernard was the son of Freeman Stowe, a Civil War veteran and pioneer resident and builder of Hartford.  Bernard Street was named for him.  While working as a contract engineer at an electrical firm in Cleveland, Bernard invented the modern oscillating fan.  During WW11, he was engaged as a war production technician.

Bernard’s great-great grandfather, Francis Delong, was the only known Revolutionary War soldier to have resided in Hartford.



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        Seeing that image listed as Century sort of interested me, and having looked into Jandus a bit in recent weeks I thought to check out the Gyro...


          It's unfortunate and inexplicable that the (presumed) fan image is blotted out, though I've requested a complete page and hope to acquire it in a day or two...


          That company stopped advertising with images the following year, but another firm, J & M, began emphasizing fan sales, and they utilized the same image as the Journal of Electricity above...



          It’s worth noting that the downrod depicted in the Journal of Electricity is identical to the manner they're shown in GE photos




          It was the earlier company, B & C Electrical, which most caught my attention, and luckily I tracked backward in time and discovered the previous year's (1902) entry, apparently their first ad since founding...   Lookeee here…


          Not only the Jandus fan, the bulbs are quite interesting as well...

          The 1901 directory had Utica Gas & Electric offering ceiling and desk fans, and it's from there the B & C founders came...

          I'm eager to see what image might actually have been printed for 1903, I hope to yield further results.


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          Here's the print version of what Russ pictured way above...  1903 Directory page courtesy of Oneida County History Center.


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The image below is from 05 Electrical trade.  1905 Electrical trade included Jandus fan motor line with.........no changes from the previous 04 season.


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1908 electrical trade image with Jandus bent arm gyro fixture with GE 16" AC cake fan motors one year prior to the 1909 Jandus introduction of the centrifugal start AC fan motors on their desk fans and gyro fixture.


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3 hours ago, Richard Daugird said:

Look a bit like G.E. Pancake motors.

They are. Jandus used GE cake motors starting in 06. Why? .......brushless AC self starting induction motors. All Jandus could manufacture were brushed AC and DC roundballs at that time. Starting in 1909 Jandus used the GE centrifugal start AC induction motors and their brushed roundballs for DC.


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Four of them in one place. Where is this gold mine and do they allow visitors or should I say prospectors? I don't think it's any where near me, unfortunately. I have yet to see any type of Gyrofan in person, other than Dr. Dunaways' incredible collection. Love the look with the two pancake motors.

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