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New color for a $5 dollar vornado fan

Tim Babcock

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DSC09885.thumb.JPG.c21bde73c3832c168c95fab3be0fb57d.JPGDSC09886.thumb.JPG.5d1f76562ad13a2e07b50bbc1461eb78.JPGI bought this at a picking on a highway that comes once a year where there are gatherings of garage sales. I bought it for $5. I figured it was worth more than that for parts. I decided to use the Rust oleum  iridescent green. Depending on which way you look at it its a bit red or green. I had the exact fan as a parts fan and needed a few parts off it. But after sand blasting it and painting it, I got some flat two wire green cord for it. Runs good on all speeds.

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I bought this little Westinghouse Ball fan from Lawrence at Doc's fan meet. It was a quick little project. The fan just caught my eye. The paint is a new type. Its a black lacquer base coat with a metal flake confetti over coat. DSC09923.thumb.JPG.d25797ca0930d83ea59686eb7fea6da8.JPGDSC09924.thumb.JPG.d30a9018b2f037f831d7b0cdc3b02f1b.JPGDSC09925.thumb.JPG.4e3d1034726ff1570e9d0c266765e61a.JPGDSC09926.thumb.JPG.1a915c8108a598f6281e81e13265fed7.JPG

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