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Fanapalooza II

Jim Roadt

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13 hours ago, Jim Roadt said:

Too early?


Wow, Jim, your really going all out for next year. I bet you didn't know Race Bannon on Johnny Quest was the Crusher's brother. Fact Jack.


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40 minutes ago, Bill Arfmann said:

Anyone remember Mad Dog Vachon?

Hi, Bill and Bill.

I can remember seeing Mad Dog Vachon a few times (4 or maybe 5) at the Pershing Auditorium back in the '70s.

A local top-40 radio station, KLMS, used to promote the wrestling and gave away pairs of tickets if one was the *-th caller.

This was back in the days of rotary dial phones.

My younger brother and I had the advantage of having two separate telephone lines from the house, our father's business office line phone and the house phone.

Oh, the good fun memories of pre-computer / smartphone childhood.

As Archie and Edith sang, "Those were the days."

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The newspaper screwed up.


Mad Dog had a younger
brother, Paul, who was also
a wrestler.


This bill may be pre-'70s?


Check out those tix prices!


A video in memoriam
of Mad Dog Vachon...
       1939 — 2013


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On 12/4/2023 at 6:26 PM, Jim Kovar said:

Almost as ripped as me. cool.gif.209496af6a2785fa61a42f496b4a5716.gif

Six-pack abs,...
           the easy way!  Thumbup.gif.fcdc5cdc507031fa5e7cef078516abdb.gif


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When Donna was a little girl her parents would  go to a pizza parlor in Indianapolis after square dancing.  She was scared by the big dudes all setting together that they frequently saw there.   It was Dick the Bruiser and his buddies.  One night her dad was joking with Dick about being fakes and such.  Dick put his arm around Don’s neck in a headlock for a few seconds then flexed his muscles.  Don said it felt like his head was going to pop off!  There was a lot more muscle there than he thought.  Don would enjoy me sharing this fond story.   Tomorrow I give his eulogy. 😔

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Robbins and Meyers fanapalooza deals....( My Mother's maiden name is Robbins and my brother's wife maiden name is Meyers...not kidding) imagine owning a fan from one of the descendents 17057916087682638740648548340471.thumb.jpg.83712063e801b11f5459bcd306b0510b.jpg17057916772731399343859254074819.thumb.jpg.ebd06d1b88ca6977db4d1dcee37c49c2.jpg

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both pics taken directly from phone in exact same orientation....aggggh this one entered from my gallery 20240120_170201.thumb.jpg.96b5bf7e3b761426371085e34e68f94d.jpg

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