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Local Franki'nFan

Steven P Dempsey

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I have not given up on this local fan, in an old country store - - CF peeps say it's an Emerson with Century Blades & an R&M Canopy, was running -has the precious switch! -First 2 images are file photos of an early R&M.

cast canopy CF.jpg

R&M E cf b4.jpg

Mystery CF Saxe3.jpg

Mystery CF Saxe.jpg

Canopy Mystery CF.jpg

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That is a conglomerate fan. Emerson motor, R&M canopy, Diehl spearpoint blade irons, it looks like R&M blades (not Diehl), & who knows switch housing.

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Pretty sure that will be an on/off switch, it does not fit at all.  There were no hard standards on switches back then so sizes and shapes varied consoderably.  All that mattered was it could screw into a panel.  Wish I could get one of those blade irons!  I need one of tjose exact ones

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