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Ceiling fan identification needed

Noah Britt

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Does anyone know what kind of ceiling fan this is, and if the canopy, switch, and brackets are original? It appears to have more recent blades, and those are clamps on the blades/irons in the second picture. I think the brackets are R&M.






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R&M Style K. The brackets have a stylized letter in their middle that can help identify the style of R&M it is. While you can't always rely upon it and earlier R&M's used a few different brackets over some different models, in this case, you can. The H bracket is a post style bracket with a different hub and the H is clearly an H. The canopy on this is a two part canopy, which is original to the fan. You are missing the top trim ring. to complete it. The switch MAY be original, but it's hard to tell. I see screw holes on the mounting blade beneath the hub, which tells me you're missing the switch cover. But the switch looks too wide to allow a cover to mount correctly unless it has a flared mounting flange. I haven't paid enough attention to these to know what's right. 

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