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Graybar and the Amazing Technicolor Clearcoat

Trevor Andersen

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Finished this 49x491G today. I felt like Bob Ross after having a "happy little accident" with solder. I didn't have enough of my main color to repaint the base and matching is never perfect. So I give you this curiosity. A fan that when displayed will make the observer think, "Oh. I guess that's a thing." Or perhaps this a lampoon of people putting pinstripes all over everything just because. But ultimately it is just that happy little accident where 50 years from now a future collector will wonder what kind of drugs caused this. 20220227_144033.thumb.jpg.e72040f6d8d5ed3e4274cee658688de2.jpg20220227_144012.thumb.jpg.938d88eb43b805c40cf1ac9be259c6a4.jpg20220227_144043.thumb.jpg.d108a63c963a0e11f55fc796d51a0e85.jpg20220227_144017.thumb.jpg.aae4812465a5ffcb7922aa6be06389aa.jpg20220114_000350.thumb.jpg.369e08818f705e5659f936ca9043383d.jpg20220114_170354.thumb.jpg.51476f5a8377a947da07ff6a264b7f95.jpg20220114_170145.thumb.jpg.512db3d9178f8df4e298341fa64c6b53.jpg20220122_163518.thumb.jpg.114c0dce1b07b38f5d475dc5f5617250.jpg



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