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11644 -- What Did It Sell For?

Jim Kovar

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This 11644 sold Sunday

I was distracted and
didn't see it sell. 

Anybody know what it
sold for?

The below screen shot
doesn’t tells me Jack
and/or Diddly-Squat.








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This same seller has pulled these tricks before.   Back in December, this seller had "Trojan" listed on Ebay that was also for sale at an online auction.  ( See photo attached )  This seller is an antique dealer in Indiana.  Apparently, he thinks it is legit to sell an item on Ebay that he doesn't actually own yet.  He was bidding on it at the auction, while copying the photos and listing it on Ebay at the same time to "flip" after he won the auction.  Part of his game is to scare interested buyers because they can see it listed in 2 places and become hesitant to bid.  It's always on an HiBid auction.  He does it with other items as well, not just fans.


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