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Bakelite Fan

Steven P Dempsey

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This little Bakelite fan came like this, will try to repair, but it's not a clean break -any thoughts? Asking for a partial refund, looks like housings from similar (BARCO) will fit, but I don't have a parts fan. The solid bronze knuckle appears to be home made repair, also it has a switch but the knob is missing. Some came with switches, others not. Anybody have this model? Like to see what parts are missing.




Delco Master Baklite Fan 100 B.jpg

Barcol Bakelite Fan 2 speed Switch.JPG

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I got one, sorry, no spare parts.  You can do amazing Bakelite repairs with Super Glue (cyanoacrylate)

AND BAKING SODA!  If you're not familiar with this method, let me know!  You can fix Bakelite where it is not even noticeable! 😉

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Steven I may have parts. Let me see if I can find the box of parts. I had one with a toasted stator but was otherwise restored as I recall. If I find it we can compare measurements etc. is yours brown or black. 

pm me if interested. 

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