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Determining the age of my GE BMY

Cam Kuruliak

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I have a 12 inch GE BMY fan Serial # 887922 It has the CSS in it along with a pull out knob that locks the trunnion when you can use it as a wall mount I did some research and I believe these were made one year in 1915? It growls when you start it up but runs smooth  I have another question When I turn it on to the first speed it is the "high" speed and goes down from there. In fact on position "3" it turns off so I do have a speed coil issue  for sure Seems the wiring was untouched to me. Any help much appreciated I hooked up a temporary power cord to show what is happening

Thanks for your input









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Hi Cam,

That Serial Number would more correspond to 1911 or 12, any possibility you misread the S/N?  I've got a BMY S/N 388038 with the pull knob on the base, any chance the 8s in your S/N are 3s?


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Late 09 or dirt early 10 centrifugal start variant.  Notice the trunnion can only swivel side to side.


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