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GE Collar Gear CAD

Louis Luu

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Louis, looks like great progress!

I can't edit my posts by clicking the three dots in the corner. The only option that appears for me is "share".

In another thread I asked someone to DM me because I can't DM anyone. I thought it was because my post count isn't enough yet for the forum, but a moderator told me it is because I don't have a paid account. :o( 


I wonder if I become a paying member if I can edit my posts as well as DM members. I'll have to look into it, but this would be the first group that I have to "pay" to join. 

I just wanted to make mention of the fact that the Collar Oscillator is VERY similar to the GE Coin Operated Hotel Fan, and all the photos I can find online of the Coin Op have an oiler on the front nose cone. HOWEVER, it isn't straight down, it's actually at a 45 degree angle down. I'm glad you'll offer the nose cone both ways, with and without an oiler. 

















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For tooling :

McMaster-carr (www.mcmaster.com) has ALMOST anything you could want, but is a little pricey.

I like using MSC (www.mscdirect.com) which has lots to offer.

Also, Zoro (www.zoro.com) is a good alternate. 

Grainger (www.grainger.com) is also good.

eBay is an obvious one for second hand out-of-fashion stuff at (often) less than new prices.

I don't have very many left-hand thread taps in my collection, its usually very project-specific that someone will buy what they require, so I doubt you'll be lucky enough to get someone to have the one you need. 

Good luck and can't wait for the next update.

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On 12/23/2022 at 4:53 PM, Louis Luu said:

Cone is ready for ordering.  Will be 180 shipped.  Will need screw holes to be tapped.  Bronze oiler is readily available on Amazon and will be friction/press fit.  Old gears will fit as well.

As for releasing the new gears, I will have to wait till after Christmas...need to get a rolling tumbler.

Hi Luis, the cone looks very good, do you have any photos of one with the new oil wick mounting point. I assume that will also need tapping if it is ordered that way. Where are the details on where to order the cone with the additional oiler wick, is that direct on Shapeways, or direct from you?.... And can you provide a link to the bronze bushing? I have a small arbor press, but not everyone does, is it the bushing an interference fit, or just a simple press fit?  

Happy Holidays!


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I'd be interesting in getting a rough set and see how lapping them in on my lathe/mill would turn out,   I also have a tool grinder that could give the worm a nice finish,  since its made to sharpen complex milling cutters

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Yeah,  I would just be concerned that enough tumbling to smooth out the gears would wear the edges wrong,  and I was talking about lapping the gears together, not running the case.  pretty much run them in a stronger machine with lapping compound on them so they smooth themselves out and run together.

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Hey guys, 

  I just saw two more collar oscillators pop up on eBay these past two weeks. I missed the first one, a 16", and was kicking myself. Then a 6-blade 12" collar oscillator popped up in my home town just around the corner. What were the odds!? I made an offer a little more than I wanted to pay but for a 6-blade right next door I couldn't resist. Maybe it was losing the first one that drove me to it. The wife still doesn't know I spent the money, but the seller told me the rotation function doesn't work. I suspect the main toothed gear inside the neck is worn out. I won't be able to tear it down for a while, but I'm definitely excited to know that this forum is here with you fine gents helping to recreate these parts for us! Looking forward to being able to order those parts when they're ready.

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19 minutes ago, Louis Luu said:

I have a cone coming in sometime next week to do a test run.  The hard part is sourcing a reliable printer.  All I can say is once you find a printing company for a specific part....buy a couple to store away.  The cone on this one is design to fit the old gear.

Louis, in my mind you are doing a re-print to test for shrinkage. But if this works well what is the next step? Are you selling parts direct? Or are you offering a .STL file that we upload to a 3D printing company and order ourselves?  All I can say is I'll be ordering parts when they are ready.

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Ok, I understand not releasing an STL into the wild where some other person can make/sell the parts based on your labor. I'm happy to order through you when the parts are perfectly adjusted to be ordered.  

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Tolerance is good and gear checked out on the new cone.  There should be space between the spur gear and the brass cover....washer goes in between to prevent oil splatter.  Cover is a good fit with slight filing.  Videos coming in an hour...just got home.


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I could have design new gears and not taken so much time....but there are so many old gears that are still useful.  This one was a bit challenging.  I needed all three gears to fit but with enough movement so it does not bind up.  The first gear was easy (worm gear on the shaft).  The other two needed to be adjusted due to print shrinkage.  This was a tad painful...I did not realize different printing companies had varied tolerances for the same piece I was sending out for printing....I over looked this and kept adjust back and forth for various companies.  I was wondering why my end kept going back and forth.  It finally realized my mistake and stuck with one company and fixed the issue.  The cone is now good.  You will need to tap the holes and press in the new bearing which is readily available off Amazon.

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There is another (Third in as many weeks) GE collar oscillator up on eBay.

This one is in the state of Georgia.  It looks to be all there for a restoration project. Although I just won an auction for a collar oscillator (my second), and my wallet is feeling a little light these days, so I'll be (sadly) letting this one go. 


Louis - Thanks for the videos. GREAT looking nose cone! You aren't going with the second oiler? I appreciate that you didn't draw the tolerances so tight that things bind up, but that they hopefully won't be sloppy either. That tolerance variance between companies is something I never heard of either

Did you ever source a tumbler for vibration smoothing the parts? How do you think the nose cone will take paint? I feel like it might need a sanding or spraying with sandable primer. 

I'm worried though- the seller for my fan said the oscillation mechanism doesn't work. I'm not sure what state my gears are in, but in addition to these two there is another set of gears in the neck that I may need to source. Are you planning on designing those as well? I heard that they were cast from a pot metal and can wear out. I have plenty of time, since I'm not going to be able to work on my collar oscillator until at least next summer. 🙂

I love the idea of just asking a company to print up some parts as needed, but so many reputable sources for restoration parts come and go that I'm also nervous about walking away from this thread for a year and not being able to get in touch with you. LOL. Maybe you could send me a Direct Message with a good way to get ahold of you for ordering? Phone number for texting or an email address?

Thank you so much for the amazing work you're doing! I certainly appreciate it.


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1. Tolerance is fine and not sloppy....same as the originals.

2. Paint on original cone usually rubs off due to pot metal...pot metal soaks up oil.  The steel cone will take paint very well.  The Fuller Wall mount was done with the same material used on the cone and paint came out good.

3. I have not mess with the tumbler yet....I want to by pass this.  I sourced the right metal for gears (tool steel....very hard stuff).  All the gears have already been drawn up, just have not printed them in metal for testing yet.  Thought I will be making some Zephyr orbital gear for a member soon...so testing can be done on those instead.

4. The one with the oiler is also ready.

5. I'm not going anywhere soon.  This is a great club for after work relaxation.

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Ordering one for myself before releasing.

Once the box is finalize, I will be offering the following metal: Stainless steel, brass, copper.  All of these will shine up nicely.

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