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Emerson Brass Fans Are Good To Collect But Emerson Chrome Fans Are Also Worth Collecting

Terry Fisher

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Have they ever made chrome 6 bladed models or was it just 4 bladed models? I wonder if the chrome models came out after the 6 bladed ones were discontinued.

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On 1/6/2022 at 9:14 AM, Terry Fisher said:

Mr. Kovar . . . . How does the capacitor work when running a fan?

Hi, Terry.  big_grin.gif.9a33897fc9a332c5870ca9ce3d507869.gif

The type of motor in your 77646 is a capacitor-run motor, also known as a Permanent-Split Capacitor (PSC) motor.

A PSC motor is a type of split-phase motor in which the auxiliary winding circuit has a series capacitor.

This auxiliary winding with capacitor is not switched off (i.e. no centrifugal switch) when the rotor reaches a certain speed but is permanently connected.

The cap's function is to provide a current phase shift for the aux winding in comparison to that run winding's current.

Ideally, the phase difference would be quadrature (90°), just as in a two phase motor.

Clear as mud, right?  shock.gif.fb263afcdc69a6076ad1b55c2d630e47.gif


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I have a few PSC motor fans. They are extremely efficient. They typically have pretty high starting torque. The disadvantage is that you really must replace old capacitors or eventually experience a nasty mess at the bottom of your fan which is pretty toxic., when the capacitor breaks open and the PCB's leak out. The only other fan I've seen that is as efficient as these are brushed motors, both universal and DC. 



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On 1/7/2022 at 6:48 PM, Russ Huber said:


Hey I know the guy that owns that one.  Found in the wild... Guy was like, "not sure I wanna sell it..."  I was like, "whats your don't wanna sell it price?"  Needless to say I put the money in his hand and ran... LOL

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On 1/5/2022 at 9:55 PM, Paul Carmody said:

Real beauty!The ones I've seen always have a lot of rust pits.

Hey Robert Brandon here yeah I have seen them also Manny with rusting on need to be replayed it that is an exceptional piece of art hope you enjoy it

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