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This Searchlight R&M With Ornate Carry Handle Was On The Market.

Russ Huber

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41 minutes ago, Steve Rockwell said:

        Russ,   What I was digging after, and failed to find, are the accounts referred to here,


which seem to be the basis for the pre-1902 d.o.b. for the fan... The artwork, less unreliable than at least some other manufacturer's, little depicts this feature.


     Of course, Anthony's fan does not have the three-strut system as does this 1905 fan, but the image is illustrative of the rear bearing housing which feature I'm trying to sort.

     I'd judge that this 1902 image best depicts (of what's posted above) something being there...




           Would you enlighten us on this subject?

Your enlightenment fulfilled. This was also posted in past on the old website we can no longer access.

content (2).jpg


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So …… I can see and determine how these cages were built.  It’s really very well thought out and easy to do.  Once the system is in place you could train a monkey to do it.  

1.  Two parallel rings are readied with the location of the spreaders determined. 
2.  S wire holes are drilled front and back.  The front ring holes are big enough for the S wire to slide through and those S wires are loose, even when the cage is done (tight but loose).  The spreaders maintain shape, rigidity and strength.  
3.  One spreader is used to cover the half lap joint in the ring.  Note pics showing one spreader is pinned the other has no pin. 
4.  The S wires are all fabricated.  As I noted earlier, the S wires employ a hard right turn as the go through the center ring (4 ½” diameter) and also the outer cage ring.  They slip through both center and outer parallel ring and into back parallel ring, all in one motion.  You just push them straight back. 
5.  Cage is already formed perfectly by the spreaders.  S wires are all shoved into place.  They are loose in the front parallel ring and are sort of riveted in the back ring.  In the center ring they are also riveted.   
6.  The beauty of the cage is the spreaders.  They form the cage before any S wire is placed.   
7.  Cage is customized by placing the spreaders in various locations and struts  are customized and vary from a Paragon to a Fan like Anthony’s.

This cage is the best ever with the exception of maybe the early Meston cage built the same way but with heavier brass rings, spreaders and 3 times as many S wires. 




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